Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Light Within


You may choose a path that is light, easy, and
brings great joy to your life. But if it does not
challenge or expand your capacity to Love, or your
knowingness of who you are, then it may not have
lasting value.

Or, you may choose a path that challenges and
expands your capacity to Love and know yourSelf,
and then you have the best combination of journey
and destination.

Or, you may choose a path that is dark and requires
that you carry your own light carefully within you.
This path may not bring immediate pleasure,
satisfaction, or joy, but if it results in greater
Self awareness, expansion of Self, and capacity to
Love then it can have tremendous lasting value.
But be careful! The journey may be long and dark,
and you may not reach your destination if you get
lost in the darkness!


There is no right or wrong way to go.
Remember Gratitude, no matter what path you find
yourSelf on.

Remember, Love is All There Is.


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