Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There's No Place Like Home


Dorothy travelled the Land Of Oz wearing Ruby Slippers.

They were a gift, and wearing them she was always safe.

She could return home at any time, but it was not until she realized the true nature of the gift that she was finally able to use them.

You are wearing Ruby Slippers (the Heart just happens to be red, and has two chambers that "tap" or beat : ).

Now that you know their true power you can return Home, to Me, any time you wish...

Maybe this will help...

"There's no place like home."

"Home is where the Heart is."

"The Heart is with God."

"God is Love."

"There's no place like Love..."


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How Can I Miss You?


The Heart is like a door, or a gateway. It can be opened or closed but never broken.

I cannot "miss you" when when your Heart is closed.

Even when your Heart is "slammed shut" I am with you.

Does it bother Me that you do not hear Me?

That is all part of the plan!

You have free will to listen or not.
Both choices serve a purpose.
I am with you either way.

I AM you.

How can I miss you?


Monday, October 29, 2007

Heal YourSelf


When you see and hear others gossiping, judging and speaking negatively about others and their conditions...


They are showing you that part of yourSelf which is doing the same.

Do not try to change, help, or heal THEM.



Share the NOTES.

Those who are ready will receive them.

Those who are not ready will receive Healing in other ways, some without even knowing it.

Just as you have, my Dear One.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Giving Power to Things


When you are in a state of Ascension,

higher states of beingness in physical form,

you are no longer "attached" to or needing "things".

It's not that you don't appreciate them. You do!

It's not that you don't care whether you have them or not. You do!

But you no longer use them as your connection to Source.

This is the true meaning of the teachings in your Bible that say "have no Gods before Me."
The "idols" spoken of are not just trinkets and statues that were used to worship other deities. They are ANY physical manifestation that is given the power, by you, to increase or decrease the flow of Life Force through the Heart.

It is only, and always, your appreciation or gratitude

that increases the flow or capacity to Love through your Heart.
No thing, no manifestation, can do that.

Physical manifestations that seem to increase flow of Life Energy were actually created by you, from your Heart, with that Life Energy!


As long as you continue to give the power to increase your flow of Life Energy to external things and circumstances, you will continue to fear loss.

And as long as you continue to fear loss, you will continue to manifest that.

Take back your power!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Connected to Source


Every Heart is connected to the same Source.

Source is Infinite.
Source is Love.
Source is Light.
Source is Truth.
Source is Life.

All darkness is the Illusion of separation of the Heart from Source.

All Hearts are connected to Source.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Blessed is a Feeling



It arises from Gratitude.

Gratitude is Love in it's highest vibration.

When you feel Blessed and experience Gratitude

you bring into physical one of the Highest States of Beingness.

You are in a State of Ascension.

There are Higher States, but these cannot be experienced in the physical.

These Higher States transform the physical to non-physical.

The Mayan Masters have done this, and did Yeshuah (Jesus), and others.
But this is not your path.

You have chosen the Highest States of Beingness in physical form...

what you call Heaven on Earth.

Your courageous journey has included many experiences of Contrast, to Heal Resistance...

to become reach Higher States of Being...

which you can FEEL but not measure or prove!

Do no judge yourself for experiencing Contrast.

Without it you would not know LOVE.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

True Forgiveness Is Self Love


True Forgiveness is Self Love.

Think about it.

When you are angry, hateful, judging, condemning, or even just bored or resentful of another, you are actually doing this unto yourSelf.

It can be no other way.

Remember, there is nothing "out there".
It all comes from "within".

All are One and the same at Heart.

Therefore, when you Forgive another, you Forgive yourSelf.

And to Forgive yourSelf is to Love yourSelf.

True Forgiveness is to Love yourSelf.

It is Self Love.


Love is What You Really Are.

Forgiving is Being What You Really Are.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Secret


The Secret Law of Attraction is not just about using thoughts and emotions
to create what you THINK you WANT...

It is also about discovering Who You ARE.

Think about it...

You feel good when you are connected, or in alignment, with SOURCE.


When you connect to Source and create from Source you experience Who You Really Are.



It's not about trying to manipulate your thoughts and feelings
to get what you think you want or need.

It's all about finding and holding that Vibration of LOVE at the CENTER of your HEART.



Friday, October 19, 2007

Self Love and Self Hatred


The Love you have for another is Love I have for You.

But the hatred you have for another is the hatred you have for yourSelf.

The fear you feel towards another is also fear you feel towards yourSelf.

It is all for You.

The "other" cannot feel the anger and hatred you have for them (unless they choose to allow it). YOU feel it!

Remember...all anger, fear, and hatred you feel for another

is anger, fear and hatred you have for yourSelf.

Heal yourSelf with the Love I have for You,

and experience peace, wellbeing, and joy.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Faith and Doubt

Faith opens the gateway of the Heart to Source.
Doubt closes it.

You Created doubt in order to experience and know Faith.
Only Faith is real.
Doubt is illusion.

When you choose Faith, doubt is destroyed.
It ceases to exist in your experience,
and because your experience is the only place doubt can exist,
it vanishes completely.

You must create doubt with your belief system in order to experience it.
But Faith simply exists.
You need only choose to re-align yourSelf with Faith and it is THERE.

Effortless, easy, joyful FAITH!

F - Find
A - Answers
I - In
T - The
H - Heart

Tuesday, October 16, 2007



Your Life never changes.

Only the patterns of Activated Thought can change.

Thoughts never "change".

When you Redirect the beam of Light that is your Soul, your SELF,

you Activate different thoughts, emotions, and vibrations.

Then the external circumstances that you call your Life begin to "change".


Monday, October 15, 2007

People Are Things


People are things.

I'm not speaking of the Spirit, Soul, or Source that you really are...

I speak of the physical manifestations of body, voice, personality, emotions...all of it.

The Source you emanate from is One and the Same.

The interactions of body, voice and emotion is You (Source)
experiencing manifestations of You (Source).


In relationships, the illusion of separation makes possible the experience of re-union.

The pain you feel from this illusion makes possible the experience of pleasure, happiness and joy.

The illusion of loss of Love makes possible the experience of Love.

All Love is from you, of you, and it IS YOU.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wanting and Intending


WANTING is looking at what is and seeing what is NOT.

That will continue to create what IS, and what is NOT.


INTENDING is looking into your own Heart and seeing WHAT'S NEXT.

It is Gratitude for what IS, and LOVE for what is to come.

It is Knowing that you are the CREATOR of what IS,

and what is to come, what WILL BE.


Some of what IS is Contrast,

which you now know is necessary to the Creative Process...

to bring about WHAT WILL BE.

It is ALL from LOVE.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Releasing Resistance


Resistance, and the conditions that Manifest from Resistance,
often peaks just before you release.

It is your release of resistance that allows you to move into alignment
with Higher States of Beingness.

The physical manifestations of your resistance are illusions,
but to your physical senses they seem (and are) very real.

This is when it is critical to remain aware of your original Intentions,
the Intentions to which you hold this resistance.

Remember your destination, and remember that one of the reasons
your Soul chose this destination was to activate and Heal this resistance.

The achievment of your goal will be satisfying,
but the healing of resistance will result in expansion of Self,
and even greater capacity to Love than you have yet known.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Journey From Mind To Heart


You ask, "How does one connect the Mind to Heart?"

Some even say it's a "journey" from Mind to Heart.

There is no journey. There is no where to "go".

You are already there. You have always been there.

This is like asking the question, "How does one fall in love?"
You might as well ask how does one appreciate the beauty of a sunset,
or the lovely scent of a rose.

These are all Gifts I have given you.

A Mind With Heart is a gift.
You need only accept it, appreciate it, and all of its benefits are yours.

A metaphor to help you understand:
Dorothy (Wizard of OZ) travelled the land of OZ wearing her ruby slippers.
They were a gift, and with them she was always safe, and could return home at any time.
But it was not until she realized the true nature of this gift that she was finally able to use them.

You are wearing ruby slippers
(the Heart just happens to be red, with two chambers that "tap" or beat).
Now that you know their true power you can return Home, to Me, any time you wish.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

From Procreation To CoCreation


Humanity is preparing to move from the phase or
stage of life that has focused on Procreation, or
as your Bible puts it, "go forth and multiply".

There are now enough "cells" to form a new Being.

Think of the egg, the blastocyst, followed by
differentiation. All the cells begin to mature,
take their places, and form a new Being.


Humanity is moving into a time when each "cell"
will be guided by the Heart to fulfill its
position, in healthy, happy and joyful ways.

Procreation will continue on a replacement basis,
but it will no longer be the focus or priority of
Human Life.

In the meantime...

Learn to listen to your HEART.

This will become your priority in LIFE, and will
GUIDE You in every way.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fear-based Self and Love-based Self


You need your fear-based Self… let me clarify.

You have a Love-based Self, and a fear-based Self (imagine the yin/yang symbol).
You need your fear-based Self in a world of contrast and polarities.

It is your fear-based Self that recognizes and notifies you of "what you are not"

– the “contrast” you need in order to know Who You Are.

Do you see?

The proper relation is for your fear-based Self to serve your Love-based Self,

and for your Love-based Self to LOVE, unconditionally, your fear-based Self.

Do not try to deny or banish your fear-based Self! (which you sometimes label as Ego).

But also, do not allow yourself to live from your fear-based self.

Live from Love!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Mind With Heart

A Mind With Heart is a Mind With God.

A Mind with God creates from Love, and creates a world with all of the qualities of God. Joy, Peace, Abundance, Eternity, Freedom.

THIS is the Heaven on Earth that you seek.
And you will create it, because it is your Destiny to do so.