Sunday, October 28, 2007

Giving Power to Things


When you are in a state of Ascension,

higher states of beingness in physical form,

you are no longer "attached" to or needing "things".

It's not that you don't appreciate them. You do!

It's not that you don't care whether you have them or not. You do!

But you no longer use them as your connection to Source.

This is the true meaning of the teachings in your Bible that say "have no Gods before Me."
The "idols" spoken of are not just trinkets and statues that were used to worship other deities. They are ANY physical manifestation that is given the power, by you, to increase or decrease the flow of Life Force through the Heart.

It is only, and always, your appreciation or gratitude

that increases the flow or capacity to Love through your Heart.
No thing, no manifestation, can do that.

Physical manifestations that seem to increase flow of Life Energy were actually created by you, from your Heart, with that Life Energy!


As long as you continue to give the power to increase your flow of Life Energy to external things and circumstances, you will continue to fear loss.

And as long as you continue to fear loss, you will continue to manifest that.

Take back your power!


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