Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fear-based Self and Love-based Self


You need your fear-based Self… let me clarify.

You have a Love-based Self, and a fear-based Self (imagine the yin/yang symbol).
You need your fear-based Self in a world of contrast and polarities.

It is your fear-based Self that recognizes and notifies you of "what you are not"

– the “contrast” you need in order to know Who You Are.

Do you see?

The proper relation is for your fear-based Self to serve your Love-based Self,

and for your Love-based Self to LOVE, unconditionally, your fear-based Self.

Do not try to deny or banish your fear-based Self! (which you sometimes label as Ego).

But also, do not allow yourself to live from your fear-based self.

Live from Love!


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