Friday, October 12, 2007

Journey From Mind To Heart


You ask, "How does one connect the Mind to Heart?"

Some even say it's a "journey" from Mind to Heart.

There is no journey. There is no where to "go".

You are already there. You have always been there.

This is like asking the question, "How does one fall in love?"
You might as well ask how does one appreciate the beauty of a sunset,
or the lovely scent of a rose.

These are all Gifts I have given you.

A Mind With Heart is a gift.
You need only accept it, appreciate it, and all of its benefits are yours.

A metaphor to help you understand:
Dorothy (Wizard of OZ) travelled the land of OZ wearing her ruby slippers.
They were a gift, and with them she was always safe, and could return home at any time.
But it was not until she realized the true nature of this gift that she was finally able to use them.

You are wearing ruby slippers
(the Heart just happens to be red, with two chambers that "tap" or beat).
Now that you know their true power you can return Home, to Me, any time you wish.


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