Thursday, October 11, 2007

From Procreation To CoCreation


Humanity is preparing to move from the phase or
stage of life that has focused on Procreation, or
as your Bible puts it, "go forth and multiply".

There are now enough "cells" to form a new Being.

Think of the egg, the blastocyst, followed by
differentiation. All the cells begin to mature,
take their places, and form a new Being.


Humanity is moving into a time when each "cell"
will be guided by the Heart to fulfill its
position, in healthy, happy and joyful ways.

Procreation will continue on a replacement basis,
but it will no longer be the focus or priority of
Human Life.

In the meantime...

Learn to listen to your HEART.

This will become your priority in LIFE, and will
GUIDE You in every way.


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