Friday, October 26, 2007

Blessed is a Feeling



It arises from Gratitude.

Gratitude is Love in it's highest vibration.

When you feel Blessed and experience Gratitude

you bring into physical one of the Highest States of Beingness.

You are in a State of Ascension.

There are Higher States, but these cannot be experienced in the physical.

These Higher States transform the physical to non-physical.

The Mayan Masters have done this, and did Yeshuah (Jesus), and others.
But this is not your path.

You have chosen the Highest States of Beingness in physical form...

what you call Heaven on Earth.

Your courageous journey has included many experiences of Contrast, to Heal Resistance...

to become reach Higher States of Being...

which you can FEEL but not measure or prove!

Do no judge yourself for experiencing Contrast.

Without it you would not know LOVE.


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