Saturday, January 12, 2008

External Circumstance


You don't have "control" over EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES, that is true.

You are the Creator, the Source.

You do not "Control" circumstance, you Create it with thought and emotions and INTENTION, which is essentially CHOICE.

You can choose what you want to Feel, and attract (actually you Activate) thought that creates Experience.

You will then Experience external conditions that reflect the Feeling you have Intended.

Have you noticed you cannot always predict what will "show up" - but that it does contain the Vibration or Emotion you Intended or Chose.

Often, you do not consciously Intend or Choose the Emotion or Feeling, but let yourSelf obsess on the Condtions and the Emotions that created them.

Choose to Be Happy...Intend to Be Happy.

Happiness will Manifest in your Experience and you will achieve "Ascension" which you now know is the embodiment of LOVE.


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