Saturday, January 19, 2008

Remember Fear Is From Love


What is an "enemy"?

Let's say you define "enemy" as something or someone that wishes to destroy Life and Love.

Review the lesson on Love as a Destroyer.
Only Love can destroy.

Love can destroy Darkness, but darkness is an Illusion of lack of Love.

Remember? Even fear is of and from Love.

"Enemy" as you define it is an illusion.

Fear wishes to defend and preserve Life and Love!

Think about it.

When do you feel fear?
Only when you believe your Life and Love are threatened!

Fear lets you know you are creating Illusion of separation and loss.

This is not a bad thing!

The illusion of separation and loss, and the experience of it, gives you clarity and knowing that you and I are ONE, and that there is no "out there".

How precious is that?

But without fear you could not know the difference. Fear is your FRIEND!

You have all the time in the Universe to come to know this.

Do not BE afraid.

But feel the fear and remember, fear is a friend.


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