Monday, August 18, 2008

Illusion of Exchange

Money has been created out of the illusion
of the need for "exchange" of value.

In Truth, there is no exchange.

There can be no exchange
because there is no "receiving".

There is no receiving, because
there is no "other".

In Truth, there is only giving.

The performer gives his or her "all"
to the performance.

The audience gives their full attention to the performer,
giving gratitude or appreciation.

The illusion of receiving comes from the belief in separation,
and that it is possible to receive from another.

There is no "other". Therefore receiving is not possible.

What you feel is the giving. But you are not giving to an-other.
You can only give to yourself.

Therefore, creating money for exchange is based on illusion.
It is based on the illusion of separation, that there exists an-other,
from which to receive.

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