Friday, August 22, 2008

Thoughts are the DNA of the Universe

Thoughts are the DNA of the Universe.

All thought already exists.

Just like DNA, thought is activated by energetic signals.

These energetic signals you experience as feelings or emotion.

All thoughts have a vibration.
This is the frequency that will activate the thought.

You can experience a thought, have a feeling about it, but
not necessarily activate it. That is because the emotion you are feeling,
and the frequency of the thought, are not the same.

When this happens, the thought you have chosen will not create
a physical experience. This explains the frustration some of you feel
when you try to "consciously create" your physical experience.
Your physical experience will always be a product of thought that
has been activated by an energetic signal, or emotion, that is the same
frequency as the thought.

The mechanics of this occurs in what you call the "subconscious mind",
and that is the only place where it can be affected.

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