Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Life Of Value

Today's Healing Message:

A Life of Value to yourself and others embodies the qualities of Love based Truth from your Heart - from Source.

From God.

Love, Light, Truth, Life.

Beauty, Goodness, Joy, and Peace.

These qualities are not separate from this World.

They ARE this World.

The REAL World.

The World you SEE with the Eyes of your Heart.


This morning I woke up feeling angry and depressed because something I thought I wanted to happen did not go the way I had intended.

If you think creating A Mind With Heart means you will never experience "negative" feelings, that's not how it works.

We NEED our negative emotions so we can identify fear based beliefs and send them back to Source through our Hearts so they can be corrected.

Here's an analogy that might make this a bit more clear:

If you eat a healthy meal one day, does that mean you will never feel hunger again?  Of course not! We need to feel hunger so we know when to feed our bodies.

Negative emotions are like the hunger pangs of our Soul.

Our Hearts are telling us that something we perceive in our physical reality needs correction. We need to access the Love based Truth from our Hearts to correct our perception, and the results feed our Soul.

The quality of what we feed our Soul is just as important as the quality of food we put into our bodies. When we are perceiving physical reality with fear based beliefs, we are feeding the Soul junk food. When we replace fear based belief with Love based Truth, we are feeding the Soul with superior nutrition.

The results are a healthy Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Creating A Mind With Heart allows me to identify fear based beliefs before I take actions that might harm myself or others. It's not that I don't feel anger, fear, depression, or even despair at times.

The difference is the ACTION I take.  I take action by sending those fear based beliefs back to Source for correction, through the gateway of my Heart.

The result is Love based Truth - like today's Healing Message From A Mind With Heart.

I received this Love based Truth when I realized that I did not know the True Why for the results I had hoped for and intended. I discovered my "Why" is to live a life a value, to myself and others.

Source then sent me this Love based Truth to help me understand and embody what a life of value truly is. It's not about money, things, or approval from others.

A life of value embodies the qualities of God - Love, Light, Truth and Life.

I'm not saying that money, things, and relationships are not important - they are. But they only have value when they are given substance with Love based Truth - with the qualities of Love, Light, Truth and Life.

With this in Mind, I am now ready to move into my day and experience what I know will be beautiful, joy filled results.  In fact, I've already begun to experience those things.  Freed from the oppression of fear based beliefs, I can now enjoy this beautiful day, the flowers in my yard, and conversations with friends.

Creating A Mind With Heart for yourself and the World is perhaps the most valuable thing you might ever do for your life. 

Please join us at the Foundation for Creating a Mind With Heart and get a free ebook, "Your Heartcompass Owner's Manual" to get started.

Thank you!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The TRUTH Is Hidden In The Lies

Today's Healing Message:





How I received this Message:

I woke up this morning feeling depressed.

Not suicidal, but just not wanting to face life today.

If you have been to my website or watched some of my videos on Youtube, you might be aware that I was diagnosed with PTSD almost 15 years ago.  Anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are common symptoms of PTSD.

Over the years I have been able to significantly reduce the intensity and frequency of these symptoms.  Yet, here they were again - seemingly out of nowhere, haunting me on what was otherwise a sunny spring morning with nothing but good things to look forward to on this day.

I know from my experience with the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System that sometimes my Soul or Spirit will challenge me with negative feelings and emotions when everything is seemingly fine on the surface.  I know that it wants me to look deeper into my Mind, and find something elemental that I have not yet addressed in my life.

So I got up and made a cup of coffee, and sat outside watching the sun come up over the mountains, listening to the birds sing in the trees, and the creek gently gurgling behind me.

But before I did that, I opened my LifeNavigation Kit on my computer, and wrote down these three thoughts from my head:

I am nobody.

I am nothing.

I am alone.

It puzzled me that I was having these thoughts. Certainly I had already addressed such elemental issues as these.  I thought I "knew" that I was not any of these things.  Or did I?

Returning to my cup of coffee in nature on a beautiful sunny spring morn...

I took a few deep breaths, and focused on my Heart.

"What is the Love-based Truth about these thoughts?"  I asked my Heart.

The answer came quickly:


A smile came to my face and my Heart was filled with peace and well being.

But surely these are just cliche spiritual "truths"!  What was so special that my Soul wanted me to get the answer from my own Heart?

And that's when I "got it".

I might THINK I "know" something - but until I FEEL it, in my own Heart, I have not "gone through it" and therefore do not really "know" it.

The TRUTH is hidden in the lies we tell ourselves every day.

I went to my computer, wrote the Love-based Truth (ie. Healing Message) in notepad and filed it away.  I deleted the post it notes and the false fear-based beliefs I had written earlier, and went on to enjoy a productive, joy filled day.

Would you like to start receiving Healing Messages (Love-based Truth) from your own Heart?  Would you like to really KNOW (ie FEEL) the Truth?

I invite you to go to Metaphysics for Life right now and read about the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System.  You can get started for free today.

If you can, please join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart.  The Foundation needs your support, and the benefits you will receive (inner peace, well being, access to your Heart's intelligence and inner guidance, and much more) are worth far more than the money you donate. Also, your financial contributions are an expression of gratitude that lets me know my gifts are appreciated, and inspires me to give more.

Even if you cannot join, start Creating A Mind With Heart now - because the World needs you!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
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Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Mind With Heart for Your Money

Money is not a measure of being On Course.

Your Heartcompass is the only measure of being On Course.

What is your Heart telling you?

Are you giving substance to the form of money with fear-based belief, or with Love-based Truth?

The amount of money does not matter.

It's the substance that matters!

In your Mind, a penny or a billion dollars is the same thing.

A single penny, given substance with Love-based Truth, has more value than a vault of gold given substance with false fear-based belief!


How I received this Healing Message:

As I was preparing to teach a class on using the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to create A Mind With Heart for money, I found myself drawn to the LifeNavigator's Chart to process more of my own fear-based beliefs about money.

What I encountered is a common, almost Universal fear-based belief; that there is never enough money.

No matter how much money we have, there will always be something, somewhere, that costs more than what we have.  This fear-based belief manifests on every level - personal, in relationships, in business, government, even planetary.

After writing down my fear-based beliefs about "not enough money", I closed my eyes and asked my Heart for the Love-based Truth.

I was guided to the feelings and sensations in my own body. I felt a weight, a heaviness, in my chest around my Heart.  It felt difficult to breathe.

The voice in my head asked me what this weight and heaviness looked like.  I focused my inner eyes on the area, and said that it looked like a heavy treasure chest of some kind, with a big lock on it.

The voice said to open it.  I said I did not know how.  It told me I had the key in my own hands - that I always had the key.  I just had to move my hand and use it to open the lock.

In my Mind I could see and feel the key in my hand.  I opened the lock, and started to lift the lid.

Inside, there was a warm, brilliant light.  I smiled, and lifted the lid completely off of the box.

I was then guided to take the light out of the box, and place it into my own Heart.  At first, I felt some resistance to this.  Keeping the light in a heavy, locked box felt so familiar.  I didn't know what I would do with it, out in the open like that!

But I followed the instructions.  I took a few deep breaths, and it felt warm and good as the light settled into my Heart.

I began to realize that the heavy locked box was my fear-based beliefs about "not enough money".  That fear was like the lock and key, keeping the warm, comforting Light of Infinite Abundance hidden from my own Mind and Heart.

To open the box, I needed to see the key in my own hand - the same fear-based belief that had locked the box could also open it!

"A single penny given substance with Love-based Truth has more value than a vault of gold given substance with fear-based belief!"

If you feel guided, I invite you to use the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to identify your false fear-based beliefs about money, and find the key to open the real treasure chest - in your own Heart.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Today's Love-based Truth from A Mind With Heart:

It's never about being separated from other people.

That's the Illusion.

It's always about forgetting Who You Really Are.

It's never about being separated from God.

That's the Illusion.

It's always about forgetting Who You Really Are.

Remember Who You Are!


When I was a child, my father would tell me stories of how he survived the Holocaust.

The most compelling story he ever told me was this one:

For several years, my father, his father, and his little brother survived by hiding in the dense forests surrounding the small village in Poland where he was born.

One day, my dad went into the village to steal some bread so they would not starve.

As he was leaving the village, a young man from my dad's village - now a soldier with a gun - saw my dad with the stolen bread and stopped him.

This young man, this soldier, could have killed my father, or at the very least arrested him and sent him to a concentration camp.  But he did not.

My dad knew this young man.  They grew up together in the same small village.

My father looked into the young soldier's eyes and said - with great passion, "Remember who you are!"

The look on the soldier's face softened, as if he were looking inward.  And he lowered the gun, and allowed my father to escape.

My dad spent several years in the forest before he and his little brother were discovered sleeping in a Polish woman's barn.  She took the boys in and protected them until the war ended.  My grandfather, unfortunately, did not survive.  He was shot while stealing bread from the same village.

What happens when we forget "who we really are"?

We experience fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, disappointment, revenge.

What happens when we "remember who we are!"?

We experience compassion, courage, love, joy and inner strength.

Remembering who we really are is so much more than just another self-help, spiritual growth, or personal empowerment "technique".

Remembering who we really are is a life altering experience - one that will change the course of your life forever.  It's "the missing piece" - the one thing we've always been looking for, but "in all the wrong places".

I know.  I lived most of my life in fear.  I didn't know who I was, or why I was here, or where to find the answers I needed to make my life the joyful experience I knew it could be.

I'm not afraid any more.  I know who I am.  I know why I'm here.  And, most importantly, when I forget (which happens almost every day for at least a little while) I know where to go to get the answers I need to get back on track.

I would love to share with you how this happened in my life.  You might just appreciate the story, or you might find something of value in the process that I use every day.  Either way...

I invite you to join me live, online, for a free "class" that I am calling "THE MISSING PIECE: Creating A Mind With Heart".  The live class will happen on Wednesday, Feb. 19th at 6pm PST.

In this class I will share how I overcome fear, doubt, anger and depression, and transform that into love, clarity, joy, appreciation, and a life filled with adventure and miracles.

To join the class, simply enroll in the Course I have created at the WiZiQ online education website.  The Course is called "THE MISSING PIECE: Creating A Mind With Heart".  This week's class is titled "Creating A Mind With Heart for Relationships".

In the class I will teach you the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart.  I won't be selling anything.  But I will be sharing more free resources available at my own website,

I hope you will join me. If you can't attend the live class, it will be recorded.  Enroll now so you will get the link when the recording becomes available, or to view the recording if you are reading this after the class was held.

Go to:  WiZiQ and ENROLL in THE MISSING PIECE: Creating A Mind With Heart

Thank You!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Missing Piece: Creating A Mind With Heart

Today's Healing Message:

"Others" cannot "blow you off", "cut you off", "reject you" or make you feel alone or isolated in any way.

When you respond to others by feeling hurt, left out, alone and angry, then you are giving substance to this experience with false fear-based belief.

You are doing this to yourself.

No one "out there" can do anything "to you".

Choose another response.

Choose to give substance to your experience with Love-based Truth from your Heart.


Welcome Back to Healing Messages from A Mind With Heart

I've been gone a while.  I posted "Healing Messages" for several years, and then dropped it without really knowing why.

The "Healing Messages" are what I call Love-based Truth from my own Heart.

I receive these messages from my Heart when I use my Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to identify false fear-based beliefs that are creating suffering and chaos in my life experience, and ask my Heart to replace them with Love-based Truth  (more about the LifeNav System and how you can learn to use it in a bit...).

For years I shared the Messages, but not the personal experience that I used to receive them.  Well, all that is about to change!

I realize now that it is important to share openly with each other - whether we are in pain or in-spired (receiving inspiration).  This morning I used the LifeNav System and accessed my Heart to receive the Love-based Truth above, and here is how it happened for me:


The month of January was extremely challenging for me in my closest relationships.  Issues with my oldest brother, my boyfriend, and my best girlfriend all came to the surface in big and very painful ways.  I felt hurt, rejected, alone.  And it felt like all of these relationships were coming to an end and I would never be able to recover them.

I knew at the time that this was a gift for me in disguise (my birthday is in January, so I guess my Heart was giving my a big, fat birthday gift!).

I opened my LifeNav Kit and started writing down false fear-based beliefs (FFBB's) on post it notes and placing them on the Off-course side on my Navigator's Chart.  I did this first with the rejection I felt from my brother.  Then I asked my Heart for the Love-based Truth.

(to learn about the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart, join me for a free live online class at WiZiQ - click here to join for free )

What happened next took me by surprise in a big way.  I got into a big fight with my boyfriend, and guess what?  He rejected me too!

So I went back to the LifeNav Chart and starting writing more post-it notes.  And I asked my Heart for the Love-based Truth.  And guess what?

I didn't get into a fight with my best girlfriend. Instead I found myself getting terribly angry at her, lost my temper, yelled at her over the phone (yes, I admit it) and the next time she saw me - she smiled and gave me a hug!

That's when I finally got it; I was doing this to myself!!

So, this morning, I meditated and used the LifeNav System combined with something I've learned called the Compassion Key (by Edward Mannix - more about that in a moment). I accessed the traumatic, painful memories I have of feeling rejected and left out of my brother's lives, schoolmate activities, being undermined by coworkers, and even my divorce.

Using the Compassion Key, I stepped back into my body at those times. Then I asked my Heart for the Love-based Truth about what I was experiencing - at those times.

What I learned was this:  No one can make you feel rejected, separated, left out, blown off, or alone.  I have responded to each of these situations in that way, giving them substance with FFBB's.  It's ok.  I didn't know any better at the time.  But now I do!

I used the Daily Prayer for Peace of Mind to forgive myself and the mistakes I made that caused myself and others so much pain. Then I asked my Heart to give substance to these memories with Love-based Truth.

That's when I realized I don't have to separate, remove, or isolate myself from anyone in my life.  The Truth is we are all connected, and nothing can separate us.  Separation is an Illusion.

In fact, there never was any separation.  Only FFBB's giving substance to form and creating pain and suffering in my life.  Replace FFBB's with Love-based Truth, and the Illusion of Separation is dissolved completely.

The Truth is, whether another person appears to be with us or apart from us, what really affects us is how we hold them in our Hearts.  If we believe they hurt us, and we hold them with pain (fear is at the root of all pain) and/or anger, then that is how we will experience them in our lives - whether they are physcially present or not.

Read the Healing Message at the top of this post.  If it resonates with you then apply it to your life.  If not, try using the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to identify the FFBB's getting in your way of having truly heartfelt connections with the people you believe are causing you pain.

To learn more, go to the Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center and take the Course for Creating A Mind With Heart.

Also, this wednesday, February 5th, I am teaching a free online class:  The Missing Piece: Creating A Mind With Heart with the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System.  To learn more and how to join the class go to Heartcompass Secrets and LifeNavigation Tips. There you will also learn more about Edward Mannix and the Compassion Key.

Thank you for reading Healing Messages from A Mind With Heart!  I promise to share more with you in the near future.

Hope to see you in Class this Wednesday!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
Metaphysics for Life
Creating A Mind With Heart

copyright 2014

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Planet Earth is a Garden.
We are Gardeners.

This planet is not a farm.
We are not farmers.

This planet is not a factory.
We are not workers.

This planet is not a battlefield.
We are not warriors.

Put down your weapons.
Make them into gardening tools.

Planet Earth is a Garden.
And we are her Gardeners.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013


I am Love,
feeling the fear.

I am Truth,
believing the lie.

I am Life,
dreaming of death.

I am Light,
shining in the darkness.

Remember who you really are - visit