Friday, February 28, 2014

A Mind With Heart for Your Money

Money is not a measure of being On Course.

Your Heartcompass is the only measure of being On Course.

What is your Heart telling you?

Are you giving substance to the form of money with fear-based belief, or with Love-based Truth?

The amount of money does not matter.

It's the substance that matters!

In your Mind, a penny or a billion dollars is the same thing.

A single penny, given substance with Love-based Truth, has more value than a vault of gold given substance with false fear-based belief!


How I received this Healing Message:

As I was preparing to teach a class on using the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to create A Mind With Heart for money, I found myself drawn to the LifeNavigator's Chart to process more of my own fear-based beliefs about money.

What I encountered is a common, almost Universal fear-based belief; that there is never enough money.

No matter how much money we have, there will always be something, somewhere, that costs more than what we have.  This fear-based belief manifests on every level - personal, in relationships, in business, government, even planetary.

After writing down my fear-based beliefs about "not enough money", I closed my eyes and asked my Heart for the Love-based Truth.

I was guided to the feelings and sensations in my own body. I felt a weight, a heaviness, in my chest around my Heart.  It felt difficult to breathe.

The voice in my head asked me what this weight and heaviness looked like.  I focused my inner eyes on the area, and said that it looked like a heavy treasure chest of some kind, with a big lock on it.

The voice said to open it.  I said I did not know how.  It told me I had the key in my own hands - that I always had the key.  I just had to move my hand and use it to open the lock.

In my Mind I could see and feel the key in my hand.  I opened the lock, and started to lift the lid.

Inside, there was a warm, brilliant light.  I smiled, and lifted the lid completely off of the box.

I was then guided to take the light out of the box, and place it into my own Heart.  At first, I felt some resistance to this.  Keeping the light in a heavy, locked box felt so familiar.  I didn't know what I would do with it, out in the open like that!

But I followed the instructions.  I took a few deep breaths, and it felt warm and good as the light settled into my Heart.

I began to realize that the heavy locked box was my fear-based beliefs about "not enough money".  That fear was like the lock and key, keeping the warm, comforting Light of Infinite Abundance hidden from my own Mind and Heart.

To open the box, I needed to see the key in my own hand - the same fear-based belief that had locked the box could also open it!

"A single penny given substance with Love-based Truth has more value than a vault of gold given substance with fear-based belief!"

If you feel guided, I invite you to use the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to identify your false fear-based beliefs about money, and find the key to open the real treasure chest - in your own Heart.

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