Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anger As Part of the Experience


It is OK to be angry with Me, yourSelf, for

creating certain experiences. That's part of the


Move through it, don't stop! Then, you will find

the joy, peace and gratitude on "the other side".

And when you do, you will know it is ALL WORTH IT.

Don't you remember? You CHOSE all of this. You

INTENDED IT...so that you could experience what YOU

ARE NOT, and from that know WHO YOU ARE! Nothing

is more important to you!

Now that you know you are Creator, Force,

Dreamer...what would you like to create?

Start with NO - THING... I DID!

Actually, starting with some-thing, any-thing,

actually limits you. Begin with no-thing at all.

A How-To Tip:

Begin with no-thing

Feel the Love

Direct it with your Mind to that which your Heart desires.

PS. - It will take some practice, and sometimes you'll miss. Keep shooting!


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