Friday, November 30, 2007



You ask What is the meaning or purpose of the horrible things you see or hear about, whether in person or by news, books, TV, movies, etc.

When these things appear in your experience, it is a part of yourSelf coming into awareness to be healed. Now that you know there is nothing "out there", you know this is the only possible explanation.

Remember our first words together...Do not banish your fear-based self or its manifestations. Love them all, unconditionally.


When you Love "horrible things", the Cycle is complete and you can return to peace and Light.

Think of your symbol for "infinity".

When you return to the Light, the dark parts of yourSelf are healed.

To heal means to become whole. It does not mean to get rid of the "bad stuff".

When you Love all the parts of yourSelf you become whole, and are healed.


You are already Whole.
Therefore you need no healing.
You have created this illusion to know the parts of yourSelf.
That is the only difference.
So, you are not really "healing" yourSelf.

You are getting to Know yourSelf.


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