Wednesday, November 28, 2007



You are Creator.

Contrast is as necessary to Creation as paint is to a painting.

All the colors are available to you. You are free to choose the ones that work for your Creation. If you were a painter (and you are) would you be angry at God for giving you a palette that includes the color orange – and you hate the color orange?!

If you chose orange for your painting and don’t like it, make a new painting and choose another color; one that you like! Don’t just sit there staring at the orange painting and resenting it!


I chose the metaphor of color because colors are frequencies. When you choose experience, you choose frequency. What “matters” is how it makes you “feel”. That is all that is real.

Just as you can get into the habit of choosing “dark” frequencies, you can also develop the habit of choosing “light” frequencies.


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colorexpert said...

I enjoyed how you used color in this context. What an excellent reminder for someone that spends their life choosing colors that it is worth putting the same consideration into the many other choices I make.