Friday, November 2, 2007

Good-Bad "See-Saw" Existence


There is a prevalent belief in human consciousness that if things are good, something bad will happen, and when things are bad, that means something good is on the way...

Your experience has revealed to you this common thread of thought.

It occurs because you Create It. It is NOT a Universal Law.

It is True that good cannot exist without bad, tall without short, big without small, soft without hard. It is necessary to Experience ALL OF IT, to KNOW ALL OF IT, to become consciously "whole".

You have chosen this "see-saw" existence to know all the parts of yourSelf.

Once you get to know yourSelf, and Love yourSelf, this good>bad, bad>good existence will no longer be necessary and you can choose Peace.

Indeed, when you choose Peace you will Create Peace, and crisis and turmoil will cease to exist in your Experience.


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